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dc.contributor.authorIvchenkov, Viktor I.-
dc.identifier.citationIvchenkov, V. I. (2019). New Models of Communication and Stylistic Priorities of Contemporary Media Discourse. Media Linguistics, 6 (1), 135–144.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThe article considers media discourse as a complex of intra- and extralinguistic structures reflecting a “fragment” of reality and accumulating the hierarchy of knowledge about what is going on. It demonstrates how the quality of informational reflection of a person’s activity in different spheres of our life depends on the knowledge of facts which organize being as well as create a communicative effect in a text. The article proves that according to such an approach media discourse is a communicative phenomenon which encompasses all aspects of communication starting from speech organization to plunging of a text “into a life space” which provides communication and has an objective to organize a creative cooperation, a dialogue between a journalist and a reader, a listener, a viewer and an internet user. The ways of searching for such cooperation are defined. In works of the Belarusian scientists, the linguistic nature of a media text is shown. A media text is studied in relation to social experience and “bilingual linguistic memory” of the society. The informational image of an event, fact and phenomenon is constructed on the basis of cognitive models and their projections on real situations. A journalist who produces a text as well as an addressee who comprehends this text both use ready-made formulas. A system of social organization of media speech is taken out of these formulas. Models of communication based on a text-web platform are drawn up. These models become more complex by using multimedia forms and predetermine new stylistic priorities.en_GB
dc.publisherSt Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMedia Linguistics;Volume 6; Issue 1-
dc.subjectmedia discourseen_GB
dc.subjectstylistic prioritiesen_GB
dc.subjectmodels of communicationen_GB
dc.subjectweb sphereen_GB
dc.titleNew Models of Communication and Stylistic Priorities of Contemporary Media Discourseen_GB
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