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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Y. A. Philiptschenko, the founder of the national school of geneticsGoroshchenko, Y.L.; Горощенко, Ю.Л.
2018Y. Olesha "Envy"Пучкова Анастасия Викторовна; Puchkova Anastasiia
2018The Yakuza: History and present-day role in JapanДуманчук Вероника Романовна; Dumanchuk Veronika
Dec-2018"Yellow Russia" of the late XIX — early XX Centuries in the Geopolitical Plans of the Russian Military Elite’Khodjakov, M. V.
2017Yemeni poetry as a source on modern and contemporary relations between the South Arabian population and the ajanibСлепухина Ольга Павловна; Slepukhina Olga
Jun-2018«You are given the opportunity to open a library of Ivan the Terrible»: operational materials Main Directorate of State Security NKVD another attempt Detection of the legendary library collection (July– August 1937)Krapivin, Mihail Yu.; Shaposhnik, Vyacheslav V.
reviewSV_word216.jpg.jpg2017Young adolescents in institutional care: motivation and representation of the self and inner circleЛеончик Алина Олеговна; Leonchik Alina
2017Young England as a political and literary phenomenon in the mid-nineteenth century history of Great BritainДробышева Александра Алексеевна; Drobysheva Alexandra
2018Young men and women's attitudes towards parenthood in relation to their perceptions of parents' relationship in the childhoodДерюгина Тамара Юрьевна; Deryugina Tamara
Jun-2017“Young People of Harbin Require Our Support, We’re on the Right Track…” (From Unpublished Heritage of Russian Journalism)Babkina, Еkaterina S.
2018Young people's attitudes towards gender patterns broadcast through social networksГриневич Дарья Олеговна; Grinevich Daria
2018Young people's conceptions of a pattern of intimate relations in their parental and future familiesГригорьева Светлана Анатольевна; Grigoreva Svetlana
Sep-2016The youngest semi-independent state in EuropeBebler, Anton
Sep-2017Youri Boutsko’s “Second Great Organ notebook” (2010): a “Swan Song”Tchebourkina, Marina N.
2017Youth as part of the EU Public diplomacyЮсупова Гульнара Рафиковна; Iusupova Gulnara
2016Youth dance culture as a social phenomenonГерм Кристина Яновна; Germ Kristina
2017Youth extremism in France as a part of the migration crisis in EuropeФедурина Анастасия Анатольевна; Fedurina Anastasiia
2017Youth organisations' activity in the practice of the Russian televisionПудовкина Ксения Петровна; Pudovkina Ksenia
2018Youth policies of the Soviet Writers' Union in 1960-1964Гулявцева Анна Ильинична; Gulyavtseva Anna
reviewSV_Burmistrova_A_rec_jpg_sogl.jpg.jpg2017Youth slang in modern Polish songsБурмистрова Алина Германовна; Burmistrova Alina