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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Wage Structure and HR Management in Russian CompaniesRoshchin, Sergey Yu.; Sidorova, Anna S.; Solntsev, Sergey A.
Jun-2019Wanderers, Refugees and Pilgrims. Blessed Paisus Velichkovsky and the Problem of PilgrimageBriskina-Müller, Anna M.
Dec-2016Wandering songs in the early Japanese poetry (anthology “Hachidaisho”, 1235)Murakhveri, Anastasia O.
Mar-2017Wang Yanan and the Studies of Classical Political Economy in ChinaBorokh, Olga N.
2017The War in Afganistan in 2001-2014 in the context of the fight against international terrorismТарасов Михаил Сергеевич; Tarasov Mikhail
2018The War in Korea from 1950 to 1953 in mass mediaКим Дасыль; Kim Daseul
2017War poetry in the Republic of Korea: A case study of works by Ku SangПопова Виктория Олеговна; Popova Viktoriya
2017The Warsaw Uprising and the Soviet Army. Military-political aspectsРедняк Никита Владимирович; Redniak Nikita
Mar-2018Warum Phemios? (Pl. Ion 533b5–c3)Pozdnev, Michael M.
reviewSV_Risunok_(97).jpg.jpg2018Waste conversion into secondary materials and energy resources: a case study of coal-fired power plantsБеспалова Алевтина Александровна; Bespalova Alevtina
reviewSV_ogneza.jpeg.jpg2016Waste management standardisation at an enterpriseГоровая Ирина Александровна; Gorovaia Irina
Mar-2018“The Water of Cure” by Alhaji Abubakar Imam as an example of Hausa early fictionLyakhovich, Anastasia V.
2016Wave filtering in the system of dynamic positioning of marine craftsКоваль Никита Сергеевич; Koval Nikita
11-Nov-2015Wave-function-based embedding potential for ion-covalent crystalsAbarenkov, I; Boyko, M
2017Wavelet analysis application in studying coherency of EEG attention correlates in the recollection and imagination tasksЗеленкина Дарья Александровна; Zelenkina Daria
2018A way of detecting and evaluating landfills in near urban areas using remote sensingКуимов Михаил Владиславович; Kuimov Mikhail
2017The way to peace in ColombiaГончаренко Анастасия Игоревна; Goncharenko Anastasiia
2018Ways and means of constitutionalisation of social relations (a case study of the practices of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation)Жирникова Полина Денисовна; Zhirnikova Polina
2016Ways of achieving balance of units’ military characteristics in multiplayer strategic computer gamesЗарипов Булат Илдарович; Zaripov Bulat
Jun-2016Ways of artistic expressiveness in Kome nisan dare by Mahmud Barau Bambale (Nigeria). Part 2Lyakhovich, Anastasia V.