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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018S. V. Kosior and the famine of 1932–1933 in Ukraine: to the 85th Anniversary of the Common Tragedy of the Peoples of the USSRKondrashin, V. V.
2011SaaS Business Model Implementation on the International and Russian MarketsArtemov, Alexander; Артемов, А.
2013SaaS CRM Adoption Evaluation Framework for SMEsFilimonova, Katerina A.; Филимонова, К. А.
2018Sabotage as a communicative strategy in a dialogueКорнеева Екатерина Андреевна; Korneeva Ekaterina
2016Sacralisation of Mao Zedong's image in ChinaСенина Марина Викторовна; Senina Marina
Mar-2018Sacralisation of the Popular. Methodological Approaches to Religion-Like Phenomena in Contemporary Religious StudiesMikhelson, Olga K.
2015Sacred history in Koran. Part 1Taufik, Ibrahim; Efremova, N.V.; Тауфик, Ибрагим; Ефремова, Н.В.
2016Sacred history: from David to JesusTaufik, Ibrahim; Efremova, N.V.; Тауфик, Ибрагим; Ефремова, Н.В.
2017Sacred practices in ancient GreeceБамуну Араччиге Кристина Приянтовна; Bamunu Arachchige Kristina
Jun-2019The safekeeping of the personality in the information societies: the application of the approach of J. HabermasLinde, Andrei N.
Mar-2018Saint Jerome of Stridon in the West European pictorial art: Traditions, symbols, meaningsYakovlev, Vladimir V.; Volskaia, Tatiana V.
2006Saint sovereign-martyrs Boris and GlebMilutenko, Nadezhda I.
Dec-2016Saint-Petersburg’s political online communities clusters in “VKontakte”Suslov, Sergey I.
2018The Sait Faik award: Major trends in the development of the Turkish short story in the 1960s-1970sКойнова Евгения Сергеевна; Koynova Evgeniia
2017Sales controllingВоробьева Олеся Александровна; Vorobyeva Olesya
2018Sales Management in an Innovation-Oriented CompanyТурыгина Анна Алексеевна; Turygina Anna
2017Sales personnel recruitment and retention in a finance and investment company: A case study of a bankБойкова Екатерина Михайловна; Boikova Ekaterina
reviewSV_Kapustin.jpeg.jpg2017Sales promotion strategies on the industrial marketКапустин Леонид Андреевич; Kapustin Leonid
Mar-2019Same But Different? On copies of the general history Ḥabīb al-siyar in Saint Petersburg manuscript collectionsBockholt, Philip
2016Sample size optimisation in marketing investigationЯковенко Максим Сергеевич; Iakovenko Maxim