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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018P. A. Avenarius’s dacha in Tarkhovka: The experience of historical-architectural researchVasileva, Elena N.; Monastyrskaia, Marina E.
Mar-2016P.E.Tovstik contribution to the development of mechanics of solids-
2017Padé аpproximation and interpolation sequences in control problemsVishnevskiy, Vyacheslav Е.; Ivanova, Olga А.; Tsyleva, Irina А.
Sep-2018Pain perception in professional identity of young doctorsGalkin, Konstantin A.
Sep-2017The “Painted Bride” as an Emblem of Identity: Pomaks of Southern BulgariaOlson, Laura
2016The painting "National Traditions of China (Wedding. The Toilet of a Bride)"Сюн Юйкэ; Xiong Yuke
2018Painting and an artist in works of Hugo von HofmannsthalКулагина Элина Юрьевна; Kulagina Elina
2018Painting in works of Charles Baudelaire: “Salons” and “Les Fleurs du mal”Герасименок Яна Геннадьевна; Gerasimenok Yana
2016Paired summatory series in theory of local interactionУразбахтин Тимур Ирекович; Urazbakhtin Timur
2017Palatal implants in treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndromeКерсилова Анна Евгеньевна; Kersilova Anna
2016Palazzo as an architectural type of Italian urban cultureПознахирко Александра Сергеевна; Poznakhirko Aleksandra
2017“Palestinian Legacy” in Provisional Government’s Policy (March — April 1917)Shapovalov, M. S.
2016Palladium(II)-Mediated Addition of Benzenediamines to Isocyanides: Generation of Three Types of Diaminocarbene Ligands Depending on the Isomeric Structure of the NucleophileKinzhalov, Mikhail A.; Timofeeva, Svetlana A.; Luzyanin, Konstantin V.; Boyarskiy, Vadim P.; Yakimanskiy, Anton A.; Haukka, Matti; Kukushkin, Vadim Yu.
Sep-2017Palmar flexion creases and finger linkage groups in New World monkeys — functional and evolutionary palmistryNovikova, Mellin; Kuznetsov, Alexander
Jun-2017Pamphlet as a means of a propaganda in Baltic region in early modern timeWeber, Dmitriy I.
Dec-2016Pandora’s Box: Religion, Ecology and Popular CultureMikhelson, Olga K.
Mar-2016The paradigm of the emigrant life. Social circle of the ivan bunin family and daily culture of russian emigrationPonomarev, Evgeny R.
2018Paradigms of Philosophy of Law in Russian Neo-HegelianismСудаков Александр Николаевич; Sudakov Aleksandr
Dec-2018The paradox of Petkevich (on the peculiarities of the semantic structure of the memoir book by T. V. Petkevich Life is an Unpaired Boot)Bolshev, Aleksandr O.
2018Paradoxes of Corporeality: Origins of Existentialism and its Modern CriticsГафуров Максим Витальевич; Gafurov Maksim