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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016“I Am Sick and Tired of Conforming”: On Emancipation NarrativesMagnes, Natalia O.
Dec-2016I cтуденческая научная сессия УНБ «Беломорская»: тезисы докладов-
Mar-2016«I hope that policy makers take an opportunity to build a new Russia with more robust and sustainable growth»-
Dec-2016«I serve to nation…»: (to the publication of «Historical letters about the relations of the Russian nation to its tribesmen» by V. I. Lamansky)Kupriyanov, Victor A.; Malinov, Alexey V.
Mar-2016«I will not change my hate to the bolsheviks»: Alexey von Lampe as mirror of white Russian military emigrationSemenov, Konstantin K.
Jun-2019I. G. Burtsov’s Philosophical Ideas: between J. Locke and I. KantLunkov, Alexander S.
Dec-2018Iatrogenic crimes committed in the field of health care, and a special approach to the production of forensic medical expert researchKuznetsov, Semyon V.
2017Ibero-American revolutions and the plans of the Decembrist uprisingПаршина Алена Витальевна; Parshina Alena
2016IBM Watson Analytics vs. Conventional Econometrical Software: A comparative analysis of suitability for financial sectorФайзуллов Ильяс Рафисович; Faizullov Ilias
2016Ice dancing as an object of speech representation in journalistic textsАндруцкая Карина Дмитриевна; Andrutskaia Karina
2018Ice regime of the West Svalbard island fjordsНовоселова Елена Владимировна; Novoselova Elena
May-2015Ice rule for a ferromagnetic nanosite network on the face-centered cubic latticeMistonov, A.A.; Shishkin, I.S.; Dubitskiy, I.S.; Grigoryeva, N.A.; Eckerlebe, H.; Grigoriev, S.V.
Jun-2016Icelandic yul lads: the transformation of the folklore charactersZharov, Boris
Jun-2017Icon as image and as idea: aspects of Byzantine monumental art in their interactionLoungina, Darya A.
Sep-2018The Icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem from the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin and its lost original. On the question of copying ancient icons in the Muscovite workshop in the late 17th — early 18th centuriesPivovarova, Nadezhda V.
2017Iconic elements of a poetic text in the original and in the translation: Evidence from English poetry translated into RussianАфанасьева Екатерина Евгеньевна; Afanaseva Ekaterina
cover2015.jpg.jpg2015Iconic Rhetoric in Alexander Ivanov’s Painting Joseph Interprets the Dreams of the Cup-Bearer and the BakerSechin, Alexander; Сечин, А.Г.
reviewSV_Recenziya_na_Maks_K_YA.jpg.jpg2018Iconography and Sources of Artistic Imagery in the Porcelain of A.V.Shchekotikhina-Pototskaya in the 1920s - 1960sМакс Карина Янисовна; Maks Karina
Jun-2017Iconography of the illusrtated chronicle of Celestial phenomenaMarkelov, Gleb V.; Sirenov, Aleksej V.
2017The idea of creative life in Russian and Italian culture: V. Bryusov and G. D'AnnunzioПокровская Алла Юрьевна; Pokrovskaia Alla