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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019E-business and China's new role in the global economyЦуй Янань; Cuj Anan
Mar-2018E-commerce Barriers and Drivers of the Russian Consumers: The Results of an Empirical StudyDaviy, Anna O.; Rebiazina, Vera A.; Smirnova, Maria M.
Sep-2018E-Justice in Germany: Current status and development prospectsProskuryakova, Maria I.
Dec-2017E. F. Carry (1868–1932) as a respondent and a recipient: from the correspondence of the early 20th centuryNaumov, Alexander V.
Dec-2017E. G. Kagarov and the Museum of the History of Religion of the Academy of Science of USSRShakhnovich, Marianna M.
Sep-2019E. M. Shilling as a researcher of the religious beliefs of the people of the Caucasus: a case study based on the documents and artifacts collections from the State Museum of the History of ReligionTeryukova, Ekaterina A.; Alferova, Natalia V.; Runge, Konstanze
2016E.N. Trubetskoy's ethical doctrineИгнатьев Федор Дмитриевич; Ignatev Fedor
2017E.T.A. Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King"Иваненко Мария Владимировна; Ivanenko Mariia
cover2015.jpg.jpg2015Early Byzantine coins: Ancient influences and traditions in the early Middle AgesDrapelova, Pavla Gkantzios; Драпелова, П.Г.
Mar-2017Early Childhood Memories of Adults with Different Early Maladaptive SchemasGalimzyanova, Maria V.; Kasyanik, Pavel M.; Romanova, Elena V.
2018Early diagnosis and prevention of maxillofacial cancerКищенко Мария Сергеевна; Kishchenko Mariia
2016Early family life crisis in second mariageКорягина Наталия Александровна; Koryagina Nataliia
Sep-2016Early maladaptive schemas and schema modes of men and women in different stages of adulthoodGalimzyanova, Maria V.; Kasyanik, Pavel M.; Romanova, Elena V.
19-May-2014Early Medieval Geography of Armenia and the Southern Caucasus countriesShahinyan, Arsen K.
Mar-2018The Early Modern Genre of Cabinet in the Heritage of French EruditesTerenteva, Ekaterina A.
Dec-2018The Early Modern Muscovite state reconsideredHalperin, Charles J.
reviewSV_Urakova_A_P_.jpeg.jpg2017The early plays of Edward Albee: A stylistic approachЛабастова Анастасия Олеговна; Labastova Anastasiia
2018Early stages of development of twins' nominal morphology: A case study in the Russian languageГайдукова Юлия Александровна; Gaidukova Iuliia
Mar-2017Early stages of paternalistic multicultural policy in YakutiaBorisov, Andrian Afanas’evich
2018Early stories of Leonid Andreyev: Poetics and problematics (1898-1905)Цао Фанфан; Cao Fangfang