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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Competence Based Approach to Selecting Sales Representatives at OlympDenisov, Alexander F.; Minina, Vera N.
2011A Contingency Perspective on Centralization of Supply Chain Decision-making and its Role in the Transformation of Process R&D into Financial PerformanceKrotov, Konstantin V.; Germain, Richard N.
2010A general theory of the firm: From Knight to relationship marketingStorchevoy, Maxim A.
Mar-2019A. A. Bestuzhev’s so-called Yakutian almanac as a commercial project (1829)Polyakova, Anna Alexandrovna
Jun-2018A. A. Zinoviev on the Problems of Historical Comprehension of the Soviet EraSomov, V. A.; Besedina, E. A.
2017A. I. Denikin General Vlasov and “Vlasovtsy”Puchenkov, A. S.; Romanko, O. V.; Mashkevich, S. V.
2017A.A.Fedorov-Davydov as a researcher of Russian landscape paintingЗмеева Валерия Александровна; Zmeeva Valeriia
2017A.I. Brilliantov as a historian of religious thoughtХмара Игорь Владимирович; Khmara Igor
2018A.N. Tolstoy "Aelita"Шульгина Варвара Николаевна; Shulgina Varvara
2018A.N. Tolstoy "The Garin Death Ray"Кучушев Руслан Наилевич; Kuchushev Ruslan
2016A.P. Chekhov and comic writers in 1880sОвчарская Ольга Владимировна
2016A.R. Kugel and the Russian drama theatre at the turn of the 20th centuryСклянова Ольга Вячеславовна; Sklianova Olga
Jun-2017Abandonment of the System of Classical Education in Russia (on the materials of “Russkoe Bogatstvo” [“Russian Wealth”])Pozdnev, Mikhail M.
2018Abbreviations in the Chinese and American electronic mass mediaВан Мэни; Wang Mengyi
Sep-2018‘Abdīšō‘ of Gazarta, the first literate of the Chaldean Church: Poems dedicated to the Popes of RomePritula, Anton D.
Mar-2018The Abhiṣekanirukti in the context of Buddhist tantric literature: Conceptual features and functional usage of the treatiseBushuev, Evgeny S.
Dec-2018The Abkhazian and Mingrelian Principalities: Historical and Demographic ResearchCherkasov, Aleksandr A.; Koroleva, Larisa A.; Bratanovskii, Sergei N.; Valleau, Annick
2017Abnormal return factors of russian companies’ stocks under dividend announcementsСмирнов Роман Андреевич; Smirnov Roman
2017The aboriginal population of South America through the eyes of the Spanish and German conquistadors. A comparative studyГахович Владислав Юрьевич; Gakhovich Vladislav
Mar-2017About A. N. Tikhonov’s regularized least squares methodErokhin, Vladimir Ivanovich; Volkov, Vladimir Viktorovich