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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The culture of Soviet daily life in historical folk exhibitions of St.Petersburg museumsМанохина Александра Дмитриевна; Manokhina Aleksandra
2018The culture of teaching and everyday life in the Tendai school of 9th-14th century JapanЛевченко Игорь Иванович; Levchenko Igor
2012Culture related challenges of foreign companies' HR practices in China basing on the System Dynamics Conceptual ModelMarova, Aleksandra; Марова, А.
2016The culture rubric in the information agencies' news feedСмирнова Александра Сергеевна; Smirnova Aleksandra
2011Culture-based approach to understanding consumer behavior: Comparison of Russian and Chinese consumersSinitskaya, Yulia; Синицкая Ю.
2018Culture-specific terms as verbal means of expressing national cultural unique features: A case study of S.V. Mikhalkov’s children’s versesОрлова Александра Владимировна; Orlova Aleksandra
Jun-2018Culturological modality in political media discourseIvanova, Svetlana V.
2016The culturological resource of Arkady Dragomoshchenko's creativityСамойлов Александр Александрович; Samoilov Aleksandr
Sep-2017Culturological views of K. D. UshinskijYanutsh, Olga A.
2017Cumania in the 11th – 14th centuries: History and cultureКудрявцев Григорий Михайлович; Kudriavtsev Grigorii
Dec-2017Cuneiform archives from Dūr-Enlillē: New evidence on the family of šandabakku of Kassite Nippur?Redina-Thomas, Marina A.
2017Curatorial practice in socio-documental photography in the post-Soviet world: The cases of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countriesФедотова Вера Олеговна; Fedotova Vera
2016Curators and painters of the St Petersburg school of the early 21st centuryШвецова Варвара Витальевна; Shvetsova Varvara
reviewSV_Korobicyna_A_M0002.jpg.jpg2016Current approach to the prevention of venous thromboembolic complications in surgical patientsКоробицына Анастасия Михайловна; Korobitcyna Anastasiia
Sep-2016Current approaches to the formation of museum audience in the context of cultural tourismKolenko, Serguey G.
2017Current debates in the American expert community about the emerging world orderПодгороднева Анна Андреевна; Podgorodneva Anna
2017Current formats of travel journalism: Case studies of the "Orel i Reshka" and "Neputevie zametki" programmesНовожилова Таисия Борисовна; Novozhilova Taisiia
2017Current German policy on raising the state’s global statusГуляев Егор Владимирович; Guliaev Egor
2017The current immigration processes in the UKКозачок Наталья Андреевна; Kozachok Natalia
2017Current international events coverage in Chinese regional pressЛю Литун; Liu Litong