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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The current state and development prospects of the transport complex of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous AreaГущин Иван Юрьевич; Gushchin Ivan
reviewSV_Image.bmp.jpg2018Current state and prospects for cruise tourism on the river LenaСевостьянова Елена Ивановна; Sevostianova Elena
2017The current state of higher education in SudanЕмельянова Татьяна Анатольевна; Emelyanova Tatyana
2016Current state of landscapes of the Shungerovsky forest parkЗолотовская Анастасия Владиславовна; Zolotivskaia Anastasiia
2017Current state of macrozoobenthos in the Laptev SeaСапунова Анастасия Игоревна; Sapunova Anastasiia
2018The current state of the conjunctival microflora in preoperative and postoperative cataract patientsОбловацкая Евгения Сергеевна; Oblovatskaya Evgeniya
2018The current state of the landscapes of the Eastern vicinity of TikhvinЕрмолаева Анастасия Витальевна; Ermolaeva Anastasia
Sep-2017The current status of teaching the history of the Slavic states in Slovak schoolsHoptová, Luciána
2016Current trends in the US and Western European fashion magazines' designБирюкова Анна Игоревна; Biryukova Anna
2017Current trends in exposition design of museums and showroomsЯлова Анна Львовна; Ialova Anna
Mar-2018Current trends in labor taxation in an open economySokolovska, Olena V.
Sep-2017Current trends in the use of anticonvulsants in psychiatric practiceDemyanov, Ivan A.; Surikova, Valeriya V.; Melnik, Elena Yu.
2018Current trends of Russian-French cultural cooperation in the beginning of the 21st centuryКоссаковская Анастасия Валерьевна; Kossakovskaya Anastasia
2018Current U.S. international educational policyКолесова Виктория Игоревна; Kolesova Viktoriia
2018Current UN initiatives on the protection of common heritage of mankindИзнауров Ахмед Саламбекович; Iznaurov Akhmed
2017Curse formulas in ancient Greek and Roman inscriptionsЕмельянова Вера Павловна; Emelianova Vera
2017Customer centricity management in a logistics companyКостюк Дарья Андреевна; Kostyuk Darya
2015Customer Involvement in Lean Startup Principles: Case Game Development StudioGregurek, Viktor; Грегурек, В.
2012Customer loyalty in DIY retailing in Russia: Innovative approaches for improving customer retention through technologyLahtinen, Tommi A.; Лахтинен, Т. А.
Mar-2019Customer orientation of B2B firms in emerging markets: Evidence from RussiaGulakova, Olga V.; Rebiazinа, Vera A.; Smirnova, Maria M.