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reviewSV_rec11.jpg.jpg2016Calculation of hydraulic performance of hydraulic structures and storage routingЖук Тарас Богданович; Zhuk Taras
Mar-2017Calculation of stratified two-phase flow in a pipeJaichibekov, Nurbulat Z.; Matveev, Sergey K.; Sidorov, Dmitry G.
2016Calculation of supersonic flow around blunt bodies under local energy depositionВалиев Ильдар Наильевич; Valiev Ildar
2018The calculation of the Bohr-Weisskopf correction to the hyperfine structure of heavy atom levels in the Gaussian basis setПросняк Сергей Дмитриевич; Prosniak Sergei
2017Calculations of the electronic structure of ytterbium compounds: A study of valence and effective state of Yb by relativistic pseudopotential methods and chemical shifts of X-ray emission spectraШахова Вера Михайловна; Shakhova Vera
2017Calculations of transport and shift formation processes of mudflowsКуровская Виктория Антоновна; Kurovskaia Viktoriia
Dec-2018Calculus of second order coexhaustersAbbasov, Majid E.
Sep-2015Camera Pose and Focal Length Estimation Using Regularized Distance ConstraintsKanaeva, Ekaterina; Gurevich, Lev; Vakhitov, Alexander
2017The campaign against "rootless cosmopolitism" and Leningrad theatrical criticism (1947 – 1949)Платонова Екатерина Владимировна; Platonova Ekaterina
Dec-2017Can Aristotle solve Meno’s paradox in the case of search for a species?Berestov, Igor V.
2008Can organizational change be planned and controlled? Evidence from Russian companiesAndreeva, Tatiana E.
2013Can Public Transport Save the City: On the Development of the Transport Infrastructure (The Case of St. Petersburg)Sokolova, Ekaterina V.; Konovalenkov, Alexey S.
Mar-2017Can Russia be grasped with the mind?Dvornichenko, Andrey Yurievich
2018Canada's policy on national minorities: A case study of "First Nations" and French CanadiansТимофеев Владимир Владимирович; Timofeev Vladimir
2017Canadian and Australian multicultural integration model and the Muslim communityЛарина Виктория Викторовна; Larina Victoria
2016Canonical analysis of categorical data with application in marketingГригорьева Ирина Владимировна; Grigorieva Irina
2006Capital asset pricing models and Russian stock market. Part 1. CAMP Empirical TestingBukhvalov, Alexander V.; Okulov, Vitaly L.
2006Capital asset pricing models and Russian stock market. Part 2. Modified CAMP applicabilityBukhvalov, Alexander V.; Okulov, Vitaly L.
2018Capital Structure and Corporate Governance Mechanisms in Russian CompaniesКрасовская Полина Олеговна; Krasovskaia Polina
2013Capital structure and corporate governance: a study of Russian companies with foreign ownershipKalinogorskiy, Alexey N.; Калиногорский, А. Н.