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2016Business associations in the public administration systemЗабежинский Димитрий Ильич; Zabezhinskii Dimitrii
2016Business cycles and acquisition policy: Analysis of M&A deals of metallurgical companiesFomin, M.
2016Business edition as a subject of report on political and economic pressure on RussiaРакина Марина Павловна; Rakina Marina
2016Business journalism in contemporary Germany: A case study of the "Wirtschaftswoche" magazineГубернаторов Егор Александрович; Gubernatorov Egor
2019Business leaders' career paths: A study of large pharmaceutical companies in St.PetersburgМихеева Анна Александровна; Miheeva Anna Aleksandrovna
reviewSV_Lyu_Fanfej_recnziya_2.JPG.jpg2018Business lunch as genre of informal business communication: communicative pragmatic aspectЛю Фанфэй; Liu Fangfei
2014Business Model Framework for Social EntrepreneurshipKoltunova, Eva
Dec-2017Business Models and Financial Performance of Companies: The Russian Market of Electronics and Home AppliancesMigol, Ekaterina V.; Tretyak, Olga A.
2014Business models in insurance industry: developing a taxonomyMisyuk, Maria
2011Business models in interactive media: The case of Russian and international marketsKorchagin, Alexandr
Jun-2018Business Models in Social Entrepreneurship: An Approach to Typology BuildingAray, Yulia N.
2011Business process automation for small and medium enterprisesTrapeznikov, Ivan
2016Business Process for the Selection of the Raw Materials’ Supplier on the Example of the Company "Yuzhtehmontazh"Kolobova, Valeriya A.; Zyatchin, Andrey V.
2016Business process management approach for service quality improvement in Russian hotel industryАнненкова Юлия Александровна; Annenkova Yuliia
2017Business process reengineering of warehouse operations: A case study of the Dialog logistics companyГулина Валерия Юрьевна; Gulina Valeriia
2018Business rights commissioner as a representative of the business community of the Russian FederationПетрусев Иван Алексеевич; Petrusev Ivan
2016Business-government relationship in cluster initiatives developmentСафронов Егор Александрович; Safronov Egor
Mar-2016Busyness of Directors and Financial PerformanceBerezinets, Irina V.; Ilina, Yulia B.
2016By Genius and Sensibility. Saint Petersburg — Helsinki. Two Orthodox CathedralsBulakh, Andrey G.; Булах, Андрей Глебович
Mar-2017By the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Psychology at St. Petersburg State University: International Scientific Conference “Psychology — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”Shaboltas, Alla V.; Grishina, Natalia V.; Volkov, Denis N.; Mednikov, Stepan V.; Khrustaleva, Nelli S.