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2017Citizen E-participation in Urban Development: Drivers and Constraints in St. PetersburgАубакирова Карина Игоревна; Aubakirova Karina
2018Communication support for e-government: The experience of RussiaГорбачева Владислава Владимировна; Gorbacheva Vladislava
2012Decisive factors affecting a government organization’s cloud computing adoption: a case study of Sakha Republic governmentAbrakhova, Ekaterina M.; Абрахова, Е. М.
2017The development of an omnichannel marketing strategy for the services of St.Petersburg electronic governmentКлюкин Всеволод Вячеславович; Kliukin Vsevolod
2016Factors increasing the demand for public e-services in St.PetersburgГрабовецкая Юлия Дмитриевна; Grabovetskaia Iuliia
Jun-2016Media and Public Opinion on E-Government in the Eurasian Economic UnionGaltsina, Daria A.
2016Multifunctional identity smart-card in St. Petersburg: The concept of implementationКучмагра Алина Александровна; Kuchmagra Alina
Sep-2017Perception of Public E-services by Russian Citizens: A Pilot Study in St. PetersburgGolubeva, Anastasiya A.; Gilenko, Evgenii V.