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2016Ambidextrous Learning in Innovation-Active Companies of BRIC: Convergence or Divergence Trends?Alsufyev, Artem I.; Zavyalova, Elena K.
2012Assessing the efficiency of HRD technologies in knowledge-intensive firmsZavyalova, Elena K.; Kosheleva, Sofia V.
2012Challenges and solutions in knowledge retention: The evidence from consulting industry in Mexico, Germany and RussiaWallenborn, Thomas
Dec-2019The contemporary problems of corporate education in Russian companies: Can there be learning without development?Zavyalova, Elena K.; Ardichvili, Alexandre
2012Human potential as a factor of developing national competitiveness of Brazil, Russia, India and ChinaZavyalova, Elena K.; Kosheleva, Sofia V.
2013Human Resourse Development Practices and Innovations: Problem OverviewAlsufyev, A.; Zavyalova, Elena K.
Mar-2018The Integration of Strategic Resources of a Company in the Context of the New Economy: A Conceptual ModelSokolov, Dmitriy N.; Zavyalova, Elena K.
2012Intranet website as a tool for improvement Human Resource Management in a companyTarkhova, Ekaterina; Тархова, Е.
Sep-2018Organizational and Psychological Aspects of Human Resource Management in Agile CompaniesZavyalova, Elena K.; Alsufyev, Artem I.; Dominjak, Vladislav I.; Zamulin, Andrey L.; Lisovskaya, Antonina Yu.; Sokolov, Dmitry N.
2011Problem of Junior Production Personnel Reduction at the Dom Company Trading ChainKosheleva, Sofia V.; Zavyalova, Elena K.
2012The relationship between social capital, transaction costs and organisational outcomesTcareva, Veronika; Царева, В.
Jun-2022Self-concept of students of additional training programs in the field of managementZavyalova, Elena K.; Posokhova, Svetlana T.; Lisovskaya, Antonina Yu.; Sokolov, Dmitri N.
2006The distinctive features of the professionally personal potential and the career development of line-managers of local manufacturing firmsZavyalova, Elena K.
2006The interaction among motivation, stimulating system and organizational cultureZavyalova, Elena K.
Dec-2018Why Employees Leave Russian Companies? Analyzing Online Job Reviews Using Text MiningSokolov, Dmitri N.; Selivanovskikh, Louisa V.; Zavyalova, Elena K.; Latukha, Marina O.