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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Film portraits in cinema journalism and television journalismПетрова Ксения Алексеевна; Petrova Kseniia
2018Group portraits in documentary cinematography and on television: Composition and stylistic characteristicsШамшура Злата Владиславовна; Shamshura Zlata
2017The image of the People's Republic of China in contemporary Chinese television documentary filmsЛо Цзе; Luo Jie
2017Modern popular science films/television programmes: Major subjects and means of expressionМинаева Ольга Олеговна; Minaeva Olga
2017The Russian cinema shooting process on Russian television during the year of cinemaКалинина Мария Михайловна; Kalinina Mariia
2017Special reportages: Its composition structure and audiovisual means of expressionОсипова Карина Олеговна; Osipova Karina
2018Television and cinema: The Russian cinema shooting process on Russian televisionОстапова Мария Александровна; Ostapova Maria