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2017Actualization of cultural heritage in monuments of church architecture as illustrated by Hagia Sophia of ConstantinopleНавныка Анастасия Алексеевна; Navnyka Anastasiia
2018Comparative Analysis of Methods of Presentation of China’s Historic and Artistic Heritage by the Examples of the State Hermitage and the State Museum of the History of ReligionНовикова Юлия Александровна; Novikova Iuliia
2016The experience and perspective of museumification of under-water cultural heritageКалита Мария Владимировна; Kalita Mariia
2017"Italien Shlager" as an establishment of a stereotypical image of the "Other" in German culture in 1950sВолкова Анна Алексеевна; Volkova Anna
2018Peculiarities of Exhibiting Artefacts of the Cultural Heritage of Japan in the Museums of St PetersburgКотина Ольга Игоревна; Kotina Olga
2017The phenomenon of theatricalization of St Petersburg museum spaceЮрчук Екатерина Викторовна; Iurchuk Ekaterina
2018Picturesque "Childlike Style" and Its Influence on Artistic Culture of ChinaПолежаева Надежда Михайловна; Polezhaeva Nadezhda
2016Preservation and museumification of the architectural monuments on the Kamenny and the Elagin Islands of St. Petersburg: A comparative analysisТрофимова Наталья Юрьевна; Trofimova Natalia