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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The development of marketing activities to increase customer loyalty for the DLT department storeКусенкова Дарья Сергеевна; Kusenkova Daria
2018Digital Marketing Strategies in FMCG MarketТепляшин Денис Вячеславович; Tepliashin Denis
2018The Effect of Online Promotion on Consumer-Based Brand Equity Components in the Color Cosmetics MarketЯковенко Алина Юрьевна; Iakovenko Alina
2018Examining the Relationship of Brand Love and Brand Loyalty to Luxury Fashion Brands in RussiaАчимпонг Ивонн Конаду; Aсheampong Yvonne Konadu
2016The improvement of joint promotion program for a wine distributor: A case study of simpleКутергина Евгения Викторовна; Kutergina Evgeniya
2018The Influence of the Effect of the Country of Origin on the Consumers’ Evaluation of Finnish Origin GoodsБабич Анастасия Кирилловна; Babich Anastasiia
2017Marketing plan for the entry of a new wine house into the HoReCa segment of the Georgian wine market: Evidence from the Kakheti regionЛипартелиани Тамара Гиоргивна; Liparteliani Tamara
2016Marketing strategy for company Innocent in RussiaТукмакова Юлия Владимировна; Tukmakova Iuliia
2016Prediction and decision making support in Dutch electricity market using big data techniques: A comparative analysis of different approachesЧжао Юйчэнь; Zhao Yuchen
2018The Role of Initial Consideration and Active Evaluation Within the Consumer Decision Journey Framework: the Journey Experience of Amazon Italy Customers.Бассани Дольче Джудит; Bassani Dolce Jehudith
2017Selection Criteria of Russian Consumers in the Organic Food Market: Country of Origin PerceptionsМанолова Ирина Владимировна; Manolova Irina
2016A study of consumer behavior on modern music platformsФалолеева Олеся Олеговна; Faloleeva Olesya
2016Understanding the factors influencing consumer digital piracy behaviorЗайцева Юлия Михайловна; Zaitceva Iuliia