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2018Addressee and sender in Sergei Dovlatov’s journalistic texts different editions ("Speech without reason... or Editor’s Columns")Румянцева Александра Александровна; Rumyantseva Aleksandra
2017Evaluative lexical units in publications about Italy of the Vokrug Sveta magazineПэтта Симона; PETTA SIMONA
2018Indefiniteness as a text dominant of a novel about teenagers: A case study of volume 1 of Mariam Petrosyan's novel "The Gray House"Зюкина Анна Дмитриевна; Zyukina Anna
2017Parentheses and expletives in Vladimir Makanin's "Captive of the Caucasus" and their English equivalentsСмоленская Зинаида Александровна; Smolenskaia Zinaida
2017The syntactic structure and genre aspects of modern fiction as illustrated by Vladimir Makanin's "Quasi" and Daniil Granin's "It Was not Exactly This Way"Кузнецова Полина Евгеньевна; Kuznetsova Polina